SYMPHONY of the NIGHT Legend of the Spirit "Symphonia"


3 x Best Baby
2 x Bob Baby
5 x Best Puppy
4 x Bob Puppy
II Best in Show Puppy
III Best in Show Puppy
IV Best in Show Puppy
3 X Junior Winner
1 X Bob Junior
5 x CWC

Polish Champion
Working Dog


Date of birth: 21.10.2012-26.01.2017
High: 53,5 cm
Hips: HD/A - excellent
Eyes: Clear ( January 2017)
Gonodysgenesis Clear


Bred / Owned by: Izabela Krieger
(Legend of the Spirit)




She was a daughter of our Raya ( Amadine Fortunatus FCI Poland) & Apollo ( Utopialand Truth N Power). Since she was born she gives us so much noise in the night, so we decided give her the name Symphony of the Night. She was the only one silver- white girl in litter "S" and with every each day gived us so much joy and happiness. She become my heart , my soul and my big love.

She was my shadow, she walked with my every place where I went , she was like my second daughter.


When she has 10 months she get ill on parvo virus, we prayed and tryed do everything to help her and safe this beloved girl, at last after 3 weeks this disease she felt better and then we knew she will be fine. My heart start to beat again.



She was very similar to her mother Raya but crazy and very wild after father Apollo :D She was a great girl with lovely, extremely wild but sweet personality. Her kisses were so sweet and with so big love. How can you not love her ?? when she stayed at home when we were on shows she started crying so much and we knew why she named like she was

Symphony loved to run by bikejorging and a long walks, she always stayed by her mom , they were always next to each other, inseparable, like a mother like a daughter. With her half brother Diesel (Daredevil Is Star'N Nordica) she created a very strong team in fun and in work. They were very often a couple which always played and ran , even when the weather don't allowed they had full of energy.

 Unfortunately with a very heavy heart we had to said goodbye to our precious Symphony at 26'th of January after a quick and sudden sickness ... This has been an incredibly difficult time for us and we are all absolutely devastated  ..... Symphony meant so much to the entire family…….
Rip our beautiful girl where you can run free over the rainbow bridge, gone but never forgotten, leaving a massive hole in our lives as well as our hearts…..